Refining Ideas

March 6, 2019

After taking part in the photo shoots I realised what flaws were in my designs and the areas that needed improving. For example, because the pieces are naturally quite 'springy' more welds were needed to ensure the pieces stay in one piece.


I started to look into the idea of adding a 'special' element to the pieces, possibly in the form of a precious metal. I like the idea of the large heavy metal piece with a few fine details. I started to play around with copper tube as it fit perfectly over the rods and was a good starting point for me. Looking at the idea of using them as a way to hold the metal rods together rather than the MIG welder. I felt that the MIG welder does the job very well however almost disjointed my pieces. I want the lines to flow around the body in one continuous 'swoop.'

 I soldered 4 precisely cut copper tubes together and used them in place of the welded joints. As I have to pull the piece into shape after the rods have been joined, the idea failed terribly. When I pulled the rods into shape the copper tubes distorted and looked extremely messy, also there was no stability. I tried a few different techniques, however they just weren't working. 


 I really liked the copper as a decorative element however so I tried the idea of using the copper tube surrounded by weld- to ensure that the piece both looks nice and has the strength I need it to have to pull it into shape. This idea worked perfectly, so I developed it a little further. 


I added even more steel rods to ensure the idea would still work. I love the decorative elements of these pieces.


 I then went on to creating a very large scale piece using this technique. I thought that the 'blobs' where the pieces were welded started to look messier when you introduce more rods (as more weld is needed). I felt that the piece almost felt disjointed and so grinded back the areas where the large welds were. This worked to a certain degree however you were still left with a welded area, it was just now a shiny silver colour and a little flatter. In my opinion I didn't feel that it looked any tidier than before, if anything it makes the welds stand out even more. 


This is where I am at at the minute with these pieces and am just trying to develop some ideas to both keep the pieces of work together and give them an element of something a little special. Ultimatley I want the piece to flow very smoothly and be intriguing to the viewer/werear.




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