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Piecing Together

February 19, 2019

I started to look at ways that I could develop the individual pieces into some more powerful and exciting, this is when these fashion sketches came about. 


 Layering up photos of my current pieces of work is how I created these. It allowed me to really get a feel for how my samples would work on the body, as well as in a gallery environment. I love the varying thickness of line, and how the finest details have been added using tiny crops of the images.  There is so much structure in these pieces, which really work well with the theme of my project. Its so intriguing as each piece has originated from the same work however each is so different. 


Following on from this I started to realise the sketches and build the metal pieces into a much larger 'framework.' 


 I pinned the individual pieces onto a mannequin as best I could and then stitch welded them together in a very quick manner, with the intention of just seeing how the pieces worked on the body and also possible alternations I would need to make. I love the interlocking elements and how when you look through the piece you can see all of the inter-woven layers. Also, referring back to my proposal, I love how the piece looks totally different depending which angle you look at it and is open to so many different interpretations. 


I then went back to sketching ideas and looking at ways of developing this idea further:



I find it quite refreshing going back to the drawing board every once in a while, I don't mean to change my project halfway through however to just rethink my current ideas and see if there is any possible development that I have overlooked.  I also really like my projects to make sense and so want to document everything from started to finish. I started to look at adding horsehair into pieces as I have worked with it a lot before and have always been intrigued about the idea of combining the two as they are completely different materials. 


I created a quick new frame work to work off to start to translate my sketched ideas. After creating the steel framework I started to weave horse hair between the rods and just simply experiment with different ways I could make two polar opposite materials work together.; the contrast between the two is really exciting. The horse hair adds a fine and delicate detail that you just cant get with the steel.