Visual Distortion

January 29, 2019

For this project I intend to branch off the 'deconstruction reconstruction' theme into a 'visual distortion' idea. In doing this I will be getting new inspiration and ideas however will still be referring back to my early imagery. Rather than just looking at the exact same images I wanted to take them one step further to try and inspire some new an exciting ideas, whilst still remaining true to the initial inspiration and ideologies. 


I started to digitally manipulate my images to fit into the visual distortion idea, a few are shown below. 


 I feel these really relate well to the images in the previous blog post. In particular the repeated and organically shaped lines that almost seem to create distorted patterns. In looking at these I can pick out so many different forms and basic linear shapes. I had originally created these images in full colour however felt that the full colour versions detracted away from the beauty of the distorted lines. 


Moving on from these images I wanted to then deconstruct the idea even further and start to translate these images into more 3D forms. 


 These paper samples allowed me to see my inspiration in a new light and see what was actually going to be possible taking the idea forward. I really like the idea that these have been made using images of the buildings I photographed, once again staying true to the initial inspiration - the idea of the story of the buildings being revealed and told.


Since making these pieces I have produced many digital and physical sketches to try and convey this idea of visual distortion. 


 My intention was to really simplify the shapes and forms and focus on the individual lines and structures. In particular I liked how the pieces cross over one another to create both dark areas and a much tighter form. 


Below are just a few more digital sketches to help visualise the direction this project is going in and also possible ideas to try in the future. 


 Following on from all of these sketches and the research I started to create some test pieces. 

 This was the first piece that I made in relation to the project. It started off as two halves which were then welded together. Although it is my first test it documents quite a few experiments and also failures. In particular I don't like how the piece was made in two halves, I feel is disturbs the flow of the form. I do however really like the idea of incorporating a different metal, in this instance I have used copper coated steel however would like to try the idea with silver, especially if the pieces I made were wearable. I also tried to wind silver wire around the steel, and then spot welding it in areas. You obviously cant MIG weld silver however I knew that it would possible melt areas and make it adhere to areas of the steel. The idea of combining a more delicate material with the heavy steel is quite an exciting idea for me, particularly because it refers back to my inspiration and the idea of the heavily structured building having delicate elements and is slowly crumbing away. 



 Following on from this I decided to create the piece in continuous lengths of steel. I feel this idea is much more successful and more open to development. It wasn't intended to be a wearable however fits the body perfectly and has given me many new ideas. 


I then just continued to experiment with both scale and material to see what worked best. 


 These pieces have been made using copper coated steel welding rods. The material is much thinner and easier to work with however is much easier to distort by mistake than the heavier steel. I love these pieces however and feel they work on this smaller scale. 


 I wanted to develop previous ideas and try to bend the lengths of steel not just in two ways, but in three ways to give me more scope when it comes to pulling the pieces into shape. I really love this idea and am currently looking at possible materials to combine with the idea:




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