Final Major Project

January 16, 2019

So, unbelievably it has been a month since submitting last semesters work. This semester we are asked to carry on our ideas from last term, or alternatively we can start a new idea. We all knew that last semester was to be used as a spring board for this term, so we could carry ideas across and finalise them for our final major project. It was with this in mind that I tried to make the last project as successful as possible, resulting in very successful feedback which I am over the moon with. It is because of this success and prior planning that I have decided that I will carry on from where I finished last term. 


Last term I was able to really push the boundaries and reinvent myself as a designer maker. Making such a large scale piece was such a huge risk for me, I had no idea if I could do it and the techniques I was using I had never used before. There was always something in me that continuously told me to keep pushing, keep working harder, and just keep trying new and exciting things. Often the things that scared me and that I was unsure about were the most successful ideas. The real turning point last semester was when I was using steel rods. They come in 3m lengths, initially I was going to cut them down to half the size (even this seemed large to me) however I literally forced myself to just leave them at their full length and see how I managed - maybe this time I try even longer lengths?. To cut a long story short everything paid off in the end.


As I did so well last semester I almost feel pressured to make this semester as successful if not more successful which is quite a stressful thought to me. I always struggle thinking I have never done enough work, so just keep working and working, never satisfied in the fact that I have done enough. I am a firm believer that in this degree you can never do 'enough' work, which is probably my worst characteristic. Hopefully however I can turn this around and make it a positive and just keep striving to achieve the best I can. 


As I am carrying on last semesters work this term I am hoping to use the techniques learned last semester and develop them into something even more exciting. My large scale piece made such a huge impact, I aim for these new pieces to be even more impactful. I want to be inspired by last semesters work however didn't want to end up making the same sort of thing completely. I decided to digitally manipulate my images of my last pieces of work so I could get ideas for new forms and possible techniques to try. 


Making such complex and ambiguous forms will pose their own problems as the metal will not just need bending one way, but in several different ways and each piece will have to marry up to the last. Also, as with my large scale piece, I want the work to stand up on its own weight. Maybe this could be an idea that I play with and see how far I can push the idea before the work will fall over- maybe this will add to the impressiveness even more?


Ideas are very vague at the minute but I am happy that I have a starting point and am making progress with my research and initial ideas.



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