Horse Hair & Latex

December 11, 2018

Running alongside my main project I have also been working on a live brief. For this I have been revisiting my horse hair ideas however developing them a lot more than I did previously. I felt as though the horse hair idea last year was quite rushed as I didn't really get the idea until the end of the project. Combining latex and horse hair I created this final neck piece:


 This piece combines:


-Black Ink

-Horse Hair

-Sterling Silver


I love how this piece turned out. It is so time consuming but was worth it in the end. Using a combination of silver wire, silver tube, and silver findings I have been able to add true value to an inventive and unique idea. The colours work so well together too. Looking at this piece, although on a completely different scale, I am reminded of my large scale steel piece. The forms are very similar and almost have the appearance of a drawing, like my steel piece does when photographed. To go alongside this neckpiece I also made a collection of brooches:



The development of these ideas were quite time consuming, mainly because the latex takes at least 24 hours to dry so I spent a lot of time waiting for pieces. I also had the issue of the latex being too soft and so as a result the brooches didn't have enough structure and strength. They could be worn successfully however drooped slightly and didn't hold their round form. To overcome this I placed copper wire inside the latex and give the pieces more strength, this worked perfectly. They feel much more sturdy and wearable. A lot of experimenting occurred to get these pieces to the stage they are at now.


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