Deadline Day

December 11, 2018

With deadline day fast approaching, I am busy trying to finalise everything and get everything presented ready for presentations on Friday. I had a successful afternoon photographing my work yesterday, I am so happy with how they all look, especially the large scale steel piece. Making this piece was such a huge risk for me to take, I wasn't sure if taking the jump was going to pay off. It looked amazing at the photoshoot and I have had nothing but good feedback from it. The photos of it are below:


 Making this piece has made me see things so differently, I used to work so small and working large scale was so intimidating. I almost feel like its coming naturally now, hence this piece working so well. I feel it has successfully achieved what I wanted it to. I wanted the form and structure of it to almost feel consuming and overwhelming, referring back to my original inspiration. 


I also got the piece I made prior to this photographed:


I love the white paint in this piece and think it highlights the dark steel perfectly. The areas that have started to naturally rust bring out the details of the weld and relate back to my deconstructed structure theme. After my work for this semester has been submitted I will be looking back at this piece for inspiration for future developments. I am looking at the possibility of maybe developing more large scale pieces and exploring surfaces as I did with this piece. There was the possibility of exploring these structures with my current large scale piece however I feel it works so well as it is and I didn't want to alter it. I feel that my design journey is documented so well within these pieces, a journey of development is obvious throughout them all. After creating my large scale piece I was running out of both time and money to create another large scale piece. I decided I would make some smaller pieces that I could then possibly develop after the deadline at Christmas. It also allowed me to experiment with a different material and different welding techniques. I was introduced to welding rods and also gas welding, which works for much smaller and more delicate pieces. All of these techniques that I have learned will be so beneficial in the future and will drive me to create new and exciting ideas after Christmas. These are the smaller pieces created with welding rods (these are copper coated steel roads):

It was really quite exciting using these rods as they have a copper exterior. So, although I cant use copper, it has the appearance of copper. When welding the copper goes and leaves a dark surface, leaving me with a partially copper, partially steel surface. I look forward to developing this ideas in the future and combining both scale and surface detail. 


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