Thinking Big

November 29, 2018

When I made the large scale sample in the previous post, to me at the time that was big. One of the biggest things I had ever made at Uni in fact, as I was always used to working so small. However after making this piece I just didn't feel like it was big enough. I never thought I would ever say that because, as I said, I was so used to working small and working larger was such a daunting concept.


Looking at the the pieces below:

The piece on the right was one of my first samples, and is a much smaller size than the piece on the left. I wanted to think of a way to try and combine both ideas, however without downsizing. It was decided that I would try to recreate the individual 'upright forms' of the piece on the right with the large piece made from steel. After a lot of lengths of steel later, this was the result:


I was so happy with how this turned out. I couldn't believe I had actually managed to make something so large still appear as something that was so delicate. I got the same feeling about this piece as I had about the last. It just didn't seem big enough to me, no where near big enough. Also I welded a base onto the piece in order for it to stand up, getting the piece to balance on this was challenging enough. I decided that for the next piece I was going to try something absolutely huge (pretty much as big as I physically could) that would stand up on its own base without the need of a steel plate at the bottom. This is what I am currently working on now:

The idea is that the bottom with eventually be a 'bowl' shape and stand up by its self. Once the structure is created I will begin to deconstruct it like I have with the previous samples.


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