Taking Risks

November 4, 2018



After having a play around with different techniques to replicate my paper samples in metal, I decided I wanted to make something with a bit more structure. It was around this time that I also decided that I probably won't focus on wearables this semester, I feel at the minute that I have a lot of ideas but having to try and make them into wearables almost feels limiting and boring to me (I never thought i'd ever say that). So for now I am focusing on intriguing objects, from these I may create a jewellery collection alongside but for now I am just taking as many risks as possible


I started working in brass sheet, rather than brass shim as this was just so flexible and not very practical for large scale pieces.


The piece on the right is my first attempt. Looking back at my initial inspiration of structured decay constantly to try and draw some interesting forms out.  This is quite small scale and not quite as 'delicate' as I would have liked. So I went to the drawing board to try and decide how I could increase the size yet keep the piece as delicate as possible. After many painstaking hours I managed to saw pierce the piece on the left. I found this very difficult as the pieces were so fine and there was A LOT of sawing to be done. - I think this is where my 'hate' for the fine metal workshop started :')


If you have looked at my 'scrap metal' page on my website you will know that I also create scrap metal sculptures with my dad alongside my uni work. I never used to weld any of the steel pieces together, I just helped him to design them etc. The welder always, and still does, intimidate me. I was so scared to do it wrong, it seems such a scary thing when you have never got a feel for it before. Well, just recently he made me try it for the first time. I have to say I think it was one of the most rewarding things ive ever tried. I am getting much more confident now. 


I was at uni one day last week and just all of a sudden had the idea to go into the metal workshop and just have a quick experiment with the welder. (I never thought I would ever go into the heavy metal workshop, ever!) I knew I had to just get in there and do it by myself without my dads guidance to really increase my confidence. I love pushing boundaries and taking risks with materials, and the welder was a perfect way for me to do this, especially as no one else on the course was even using it. Sitting in the fine metal workshop I almost felt like I was repeating past projects and just playing it 'safe' and really not challenging myself in the slightest.  So i got onto the welder and these were the results:


I really wanted to push the boundaries and so these are just a few experiments, testing what I could and can't do with the welder (both conventional and unconventional techniques). - whilst also referring back to my earlier vessel sample for form etc.


From these I then moved on to creating something a little most delicate.

I am in love with this idea. The idea of decaying structure through large scale vessels whilst still maintaining delicacy. After this point I decided that I wanted to maybe break the steel up somehow as it seemed so dark.