3rd Year

October 15, 2018

This will be the first blog post of my new 3rd year project. For this project we are to write our own proposal and stick to our own brief; this work will be handed in at Christmas. 


A few snip-its from my proposal


I aim to look at the theme of ‘Deconstruction + Reconstruction.’ For this I aim to purposefully deconstruct and reconstruct materials, the textures and surfaces I create will be inspired by decaying spaces. I will also collect already decaying materials to then show in a new and inventive way.  These found materials will carry their own story and so I hope to show this through my work. Focusing particularly on the peeling paint and decaying surfaces I am intrigued by the layers that the deterioration reveals and how all of the past lives and stories that the building has lived through throughout the years are revealed. I hope to do this idea justice through creating intriguing objects of desire that, aesthetically, people will be captivated by.


For this project I will be getting my inspiration from decaying buildings and spaces, for this I have gone out and taken my own photographs. I have been able to get a real feel for the spaces, the uncomfortable yet captivating feeling you get from being in such grand spaces is really inspiring. All of these findings can be translated into my work. I feel this will ensure that all of my work is authentic and true to the original inspiration.


These are some photos I have taken to reference during this project. Focusing on the surface textures I am hoping to create pieces that intrigue people enough to want to know more about the story and inspiration behind it.



The idea that some people may be shocked to find that, for example, the vessel I am showcasing was inspired by the peeling walls of an old mental asylum is what I am aiming for. I would rather people be shocked by the work and actually have conversations about it rather than just pass it off as a ‘pretty piece.’ I aim for my pieces to have a deeper meaning than their face value, and again show that decay can be a beautiful thing. This refers back to the idea that the deteriorating walls are peeling back to show all of the buildings previously untold stories.


So far I have experimented a lot on 2d surfaces with paper, paint and glue:


 Currently I am just looking at ways to translate all of these paper experiments into metal, which is what I have been working on today:


 The next step is to carry on with both paper and metal samples, maybe combining the two also. Continue to sketch ideas and experiment. 




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