Pen to Paper

February 15, 2018

I'm so busy at the minute I don't always get chance to keep my blog as up to date as I would like, however I am hoping today I can bring it all together. 


After playing around with my inked papers I started to look at design house 'House of Malakai.' The main reason to do this was to just get an idea of how they combined their different materials, as this is something I am very much interested in. I wanted to see what materials juxtaposed well against each other and also possible techniques and ideas that I could take forward into my own designs. 


I started to sketch some really avant garde ideas; ideas that I probably wont make exact copies of however will take small ideas and bits of inspiration for future development. I got quite carried away when sketching these and probably took longer than I should have, but I just thought whilst I was 'on a roll' with it, why not carry on? I do love these sktches though...


As well as just using pen I started to add my digital patterns that I had previously made to try and add some surface pattern and texture into the designs.


 From these I then decided that I would translate the ideas through 3d paper models so that I could visualise the designs in a much better way.



Doing this allowed me to combine different and interesting materials to see what would work and what wouldn't. Again these are not final pieces, just a way of me visualising my early ideas so that I can develop and refine parts. For example, the top head piece has been made using:



-digital patterns on paper

-scrap plastic sheet

-tissue paper



-horsehair (I loved working with it last semester so I just had to involve it somehow. I considered suing thread however horse hair has a delicacy that I haven't been able to find in any other materials since)



 Again I continued to play around with paper, trying to achieve the delicacy I was after whilst still having quite a statement piece. These are papers that I had previously  decorated using washing up liquid and ink





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