From designing to making

February 15, 2018

After a lot of trial and error I discovered that PVA glue once dried can become a very delicate material to work with. I found that if I layered tiny amounts of PVA glue on top of each other and let them dry, I can then peel them off the surface and be left with a wing like structure. 

To develop the idea  a little more I added pieces of locust wing into the sample in the first image, and thread into the one on the second image. The thread worked really well as a way to strengthen the material, as just PVA alone is quite flexible and doesn't hold its own weight well.

I then had the most random yet probably best idea so far, bear with me its a bit odd, it literally happened as I explain it. I looked down at my phone and saw that the screen protector was cracked, the cracks reminded me of the fine detail in the structure of insect wings. I decided I would pull it off my phone and purposely crack it to create more of the 'wing structure effect' I then added black ink to the cracks to emphasise them, like in insect wings. The images below show the result, i'm so happy with the idea, I can't think of any other material I could have used to get this effect. I also realised that the dragonfly was used as a symbol of protection in Native American Culture, and what better material to use than one whos sole purpose is to protect something?????- GENIUS 



I then made them into little pattern compositions that I could get some interesting inspiration from.


I managed to get hold of some locust wings. They have a similar construction to dragonfly wings however are much easier and cheaper to get hold of. The images below show my first samples with them.