Ink & Paper

January 30, 2018

Since the last post I have been busy playing around with paper and inks to try and generate some ideas. I used ink, water colours and also washing up liquid. The soap was a bit of an experiment but it made the ink flow in a really interesting way- the results reminded me of the veins in dragonfly wings. From this I was then able to make more prints by laying paper over the top.

I tried to be as experimental as possible to encourage some fresh ideas. I then started to cut these sheets up and draw on top of them to develop the ideas further. 


 I really love the sheets that I have drawn over. The 'cut up paper' sheets I have tried to arrange in a way that reminded me of the Native American Jewellery. For the one that is visible on the picture to the left, I wanted to create a long and narrow composition as this very much reminded me of the long, repeated style neck pieces that the Native Americans wore. I soon decided I wanted to take them even further and started to play around with layering the different paper samples:

I had previously visited my local 'scrap shack' which sells items that the industry would label as 'scrap' and would send to landfill, yet there is so much interesting stuff in there, there is always something that sparks some ideas. I also really like the idea of using a material that would have usually gone to landfill, I am giving it a 'new life.' Using some plastic straws that I purchased from there I started to layer my paper cut samples and inked samples. I LOVE how these have come out and think they look really effective with a gap between the layers, rather than just being stuck directly on top of each other. I like the idea of looking through the top and being able to appreciate all of the layers. The colours also mimic the typical colours of dragonflies too. Deconstructing the wings is also something that I started to do, to try and look at them in a less literal sense. Once again this sparked some new form ideas and was well worth doing.


After creating these I looked at my scrap purchases and was trying to think of what I could make with them. In the end I made three separate samples, I wasn't really happy with any of them as stand alone samples, so I layered them on top of each other and the result, I loved.


I really love the composition of this and the combination of the scrap materials- the colours work really well too.


Next is to sketch some initial ideas from all the inspiration I have been looking at. 


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