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January 18, 2018

I am back at Uni now for the second semester, looking back at last semester I am really proud with the work I produced and the feedback I got from it also. I achieved 85% which is a good first, I couldn't be happier with that! I put so much hard work and effort in i'm so glad it paid off


So I am still yet to have my official 'module launch', which is scheduled for tomorrow, but I have already started to try and get an idea of what I want to do for the next project. I know its self directed and that we should look back on the previous project and identify any strong points to carry forward.


I have always loved animals and love to use them as inspiration wherever possible. I had recently been looking into insects, particularly dragonflies, I have always loved the delicacy of them. As I love to produce delicate work I thought that they would be perfect inspiration. 


I did a little bit of research, as i didn't want to base my project just on dragonflies, I wanted there to be a strong story and meaning behind the work. I soon came across Native American culture, and I am actually surprised that I found it so inspiring. Dragonflies are extremely common in Native American culture and are often used to portray freedom, rebuilding and often used during war times as a symbol of bravery.  The idea of having a dragonfly form as a large scale across the body really intrigues me and makes me see it almost as a way to warn off the opposition and express the bravery and courage it took to come through all the hardship they had been through. I would see it as a way to express a transformation of themselves and to show the world they have courage.


Native American jewellery is very expressive and the pieces are layered heavily. I really like the idea of using the myths and legends about the dragonflies from the culture as inspiration to create my pieces. I think i am going to look at creating large sculptural pieces whilst still remaining true to the delicate nature of the dragonflies.


To tie this to my old project I am going to be very experimental with the wing structure. It would be easy for me to just buy some dried insects and mount the wings however I want to try and make some for myself. it will be a challenge however I will, once again, be able to document an expressive and experimental journey.


So my main aims are :


-To use the importance of dragonflies in Native American culture as inspiration for my proejct

-Modernise the ancient traditions and techniques of the Native Americans

-Use something that was important to them to create sculptural pieces of wearable art, that would be just as important to them then as it would be now

-Make my work express a message and encourage conversation


Below are just a couple of my inspiration images and mood boards/sketchbook pages to give you an idea of the direction I am going in






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