Shelf Developments

December 1, 2017

This is just a quick update on my four week shelf brief. I have recently been looking at different developments for my shelf; playing around with card and aluminium to try and encourage some new ideas.


In the brief it states that you have to make a shelf that can be mounted both horizontally and vertically; this is the challenge that I am working on now. Below are some mock ups of ideas:



I have been trying to give the square forms 'sides.' This would mean that the shelf would still be useable no matter how it was orientated. 


I want to make a shelf that is a sculptural piece of art as much as it is a useable shelf. My idea is to maybe hang/suspend pieces of my jewellery in the little squares. 


Today I have been thinking about maybe using my inspiration from my wedgwood project to create an interesting shelf/piece of interactive art. I will update the blog with some samples once they are made, but I have some very exciting ideas :D




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