Sculptural Beauty

December 1, 2017

After having a tutorial with Anisha Parmar I decided I would try and create some more sculptural neck pieces. I wanted to play around with the natural shapes of the horse hair and combines this with elements of my rococo inspiration. The horse hair has a slight natural wave anyway (this was really useful at times, but in other situations it made working with it a nightmare!)


I have never realised how hard it is to tie knots in hair before starting these pieces of work a few days ago. Especially as horse hair varies so much, some pieces are really corse and thick, others are much finer and break so easily. The thicker hair didn't hold the knots very well, but the thinner pieces were too fine to knot without breaking, in conclusion...nightmare!


I have spent hours standing up to create these pieces, I am so happy I persevered and just got on with it because I LOVE the outcomes.


The first piece I made is as follows:


I am so happy with the form of this neck piece. It's interesting, elaborate and most importantly, my style of working. Its simple and sculpturally beautiful yet still has the possibility to be made larger, more detailed and even more intricate. I decided to leave this piece as it is because the lines are clean, neat and contemporary. 


This is actually a neck piece I made not so long ago (the one that I made a magnetic fastening for)


Following on from this I created this piece:


 Again, I'm so pleased with this piece. I used the other neck piece that I made a while ago with the other magnetic fastening. 


To create this I 'looped' the horse hair and used knots to secure (I am making it sound much easier than it was...believe me)


To finish it off I made tiny pieces of my copper patina/melted/silver inlayed samples and crimped them onto the horse hair.


This did go wrong several times and I actually ended up snapping the hair by squeezing the copper to hard, but I managed to rectify it, luckily!


Combining to two ideas together:



I then moved on to creating a much larger and more statement piece. I combined everything I learned through the process of making the previous pieces. It took hours of standing up working, tying knots and becoming very annoyed...but I managed it.


I worked it out and think I used a total of around 1 mile of horse hair!




Photos really don't do it justice, its a gorgeous sculptural pieces; I am so pleased with it! I am a bit late writing this blog post, toady I have actually had these photographed properly in the photography studios at Uni so I will hopefully post them in the near future :D 


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