Pewter Casting

November 24, 2017

I knew quite soon after printing my 3D Printed ring that I would get it cast in a metal to see how the process worked. The piece has now been sent off to be cast in Silver, prior to this I cast the ring in Pewter myself. 


The first attempt didn't work as well as the second. The pewter started to seep out of the mould, however I loved the texture this gave me and decided I would make the first attempt into a little brooch.


I am so happy with the outcomes!



To darken the hair a little a added a tiny amount of black ink. 



Below are images showing how they look being worn:


 They look just how I wanted, if not better.


To attach the hair I had to drill down through the 'columns' on the ring structure, as I was unable to cast them hollow. This wasn't as difficult as I expected, and simply glued the hair in place in the centres.


I have made things using pewter before however using a two part mould to cast isn't really something I have ever done before. It reminded me of ceramics and anything ceramic related I steer well clear of! However it wasn't as daunting as I expected and it really was quite an enjoyable and satisfying experienece. It is the sawing and filing after that takes the time!



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