New 4 Week Brief

November 24, 2017

To run alongside our wedgwood project we have been given a new brief. To simplify it, we have been asked to produce either a shelf, table or tea pot. I decided I would go ahead with the shelf/table option. To summarise the brief:


- design and make something with a strong contemporary and design aesthetic

- interesting linear structures

- shelf system can work both horizontally and vertically


I am in no way a furniture designer and it was quite a daunting feeling to be given a brief asking us to make something which I really wouldn't enjoy making. However, I soon got over it and thought - I have no choice in the matter, and I just need to get on with it and take it as a learning experience. 


I started off by doing some initial research into the brief, just simply looking at current design trends, furniture design, past trends etc. 


This lead me onto making some small mock ups in mirrored card. I wanted to get into the making side as quickly as possible because the project was so different to the style I normally work in. From here I translated the card models into copper so I couldn't make a few judgements about scale, techniques, arrangement, materials etc.


I knew from quite early on that I wanted to try and make my shelf out of one single sheet of metal. This would not only add a contemporary aesthetic, but would encourage me to test both the boundaries of the materials and techniques for cut, bend, fold etc. 


After creating a few CAD files I decided I would take the second idea forward (second image in gallery above)


These images show a couple of the design sketches and renders I made using the Rhino 3D software. I worked out all measurements in my sketch book to create a scaled up and accurately made version of my copper mock up. This wasn't going to be full scale, but a significantly scaled version none the less. I wanted to see how folding techniques etc would work on a larger scale with a different material. 


 The images above show my card model to scale that has now been made again in aluminium.


I am quite happy with the way this piece is going.


I wanted to design something that was functional when needed however sculpturally beautiful as a stand alone piece.




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