New Developments!

November 16, 2017

It's been a bit of a slow week this week but i've still managed to crack on with a few ideas.


I have got my large horse hair necklace to a point that I am happy with and think for the minute it is finished. I may still pin little pieces here and there to see how the finished piece would look but for now I am leaving it a it is. All of the copper patina and peter pieces have been fastened in place, with the knots and lose horse hair as features.


 I am really pleased with the finished look of this necklace piece, and think that scale of the metal elements are just right for the look I was after.



Whilst I was making the little pewter half circles, I had an extra play with the material:



I made these little sculptural ring pieces,  these ones were the mistakes as they turned out too bulky to add to the necklace. So rather than re melting them I decided to embrace them and use them as rings.


Finally, I made these:


 I had the idea of using earring pins as the pins for brooches. Making these pieces is a similar story to the previous. These were suppose to be the half circles however I started to play around with spreading the pewter thinner onto the fire brick and these were the results. I love the delicacy of them, especially the first one. I also love how textured the back is, it makes people not only want to appreciate the front of the piece, but also the back.


How they look on:


 I am so happy will all of these samples, and look forward to more developments!


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