Making It Wearable

November 11, 2017

I have made so many different samples just recently and have so many different ideas that I decided now would be a good time to maybe start looking towards a final outcome and play around with some different compositions.


I love the combination of the soft horse hair and rigid copper, and so this is the idea I have been pushing.


This blog post will mainly just be a little journey of development with a few explanations


This was my starting point:

I have made some samples previously using the technique of adding the hair to the copper tube, however nothing on this scale. I wanted to see how they worked on a larger scale. The tubes also have tiny sterling silver curls added to them.


I like the idea of using the repeated cylindrical shapes as they relate back to my collouseum inspiration.




1- I am going to try using darker hair to see if it creates more contrast with the copper

2- Maybe remove the silver if it detracts from the hair too much

3- Maybe find a way to space the pieces out so that they aren't so close together and have more of an impact. 


On the shoulder of the mannequin is my next piece. These are tiny copper samples, made in the same way as I have previously explained in another blog post. 


-copper patina by adding heat

-copper patina by heating flux

-copper with silver inlay and heat patina


I have drilled each piece and created some small copper jump rings to attach them together. This almost creates a chain mail effect and I love how its moves on the body. 


Both of these ideas have been developed, and will be developed even more:


To develop copper piece sample further:


- try to attach the pieces of copper using something else rather than the jump rings- I feel as though these somehow don't suit the theme that well. I am going to try and use horse hair to attach the pieces instead.


These are some examples of ways I have tried to use the horse hair to attach the copper pieces together


I have experimented with:


-Using both dark hair and light hair

-Wrapping the pieces in horse hair and then attaching them

-Drilling a hole in the copper and using to thread the hair to attach the pieces


Overall I am really happy with where these ideas are going and how well the horse hair works with the copper pieces. 


I look forward to developing some more ideas!


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