Horse Hair - Not Just For Horses

November 11, 2017

I wanted to experiment with using the horse hair as the main body of the wearable piece.



I love the delicacy of these pieces.


To create these, all I did was cut a length of the horse hair and draped it over my mannequin. For now I have knotted it behind the neck however my long term plain is to create some sort of fastening. Whether than be a magnet mechanism or some sort of hook and eye fastening. 


The pieces of copper are just pinned in place for now however I plan to maybe wrap them in horse hair, possibly the beige colour, and then knot them onto the necklace.


I love the addition of the knots and I am keen to make them a feature in my pieces.


I then started to play around with different ways to manipulate the horse hair. The idea came about to maybe make a chain using the hair, so I looped individual strands and tied knots to keep the in place. This can be seen on the picture on the right hand side, above. 


I really liked this idea so decided to develop it further:


 It look a long time and a lot of perseverance to carry on with this however I am so so happy that I did. I love the overall look of this necklace piece and think even with just the knots as the feature it works well as it is. 


I am currently looking at maybe making smaller loops to see how they work.


I then started to add some of my small samples into the necklace to see how the idea could move forward.


-Click on each image to see a brief explanation-


 I almost feel spoilt for choice now as there are just so many different and successful variations of my necklace. I love every single one of them!


Now I suppose I just need to either choose a sample to move forward with or come to a decision about how to maybe mix the samples together.




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