3D Printing!

November 11, 2017

As part of an assessment we had a 6 week crash course using the Rhino 3D software. I have never had any experience using this sort of program before, and if i'm going to be honest, the thought of using it was quite daunting. 


Each session we learned something new and everything was explained to us so well. So in the end I probably had about 5 items that had been made using the software.


Friday 10th November was our submission date we had to submit:


-all files from all the sessions

-files for an object that was assigned to us, which we had to create

-files for an object that we had created ourselves

-presented renders of our designed object

-illustrator file of the dimensions and technical drawings our our item

-a 3d printed prototype of our designed item


I won't bore you will all of the items that we made, i'll just show you the one relevant to my project.


This is the ring I made, by myself, that would be 3D printed:



 I'm really happy with how this turned out. I've come so far with this software, and I never thought id say it but I will definitely use it again.


Below are some renders of my ring:


I am really happy with the look of it. And as you can imagine, I was so eager to 3D Print it.


I was so worried I would have done the file wrong or not done something properly so that the printer would reject it or something silly. However it worked and the images below show what it looks like:



 The edges of the little 'tubes' are slightly jagged however I really like that and it makes the design suite my theme even better 


Moving on from this, my plan is to get this cast in Silver externally. I have already contacted a local company for a rough price and to see if it is possible. All I need to do now is tidy up any areas I need to and get the 3D print sent to them next week. 


I have just also made another variation of the ring, making the columns smaller so more wearable on a daily basis. 

The shapes were originally circular, them being rigid along with the ring surface was a mistake and I don't actually know what happened. However I love the contrast between the round shapes and the rigid lines, so much that I am actually glad the mistake happened.


I look forward to 3D Printing this, hopefully next week!


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