Developing Ideas With Pewter

November 9, 2017

I wanted to start making some samples that were more 3 dimensional, as well as my small brooch compositions. I decided that I would start to work with pewter, however in a more organic and fluid way. Due to the properties of the metal I thought that the horse hair would work quite well.


The initial idea was to melt the pewter and some how make the horse hair stand up in the metal. I encountered many problems along the way, and although my images do look beautiful, I had many more failed attempts than successful ones, believe me!



-When placed into the pewter the horse hair just 'frazzled' at the ends and so I just couldn't get it to stand up in the pewter. Even if I continued to push the hair into the metal, the horse hair would eventually 'frazzle' to nothing.


To overcome this I had to try and find the perfect time to add the horse hair, where the pewter was still hot enough to be liquid form, but not too hot that it would destroy my horse hair. - I still haven't found this point and am still working on a trial and error basis!


But then again...


some of the most successful outcomes are achieved whilst doing trial and error!


-When the pewter cooled too much it just wouldn't 'mould' around the surface of the horse hair


-When I added too much hair the pewter really didn't like it and just wouldn't mould around the hair...


You get the idea!


Below are some images of my successful samples and a brief explanation as to how I achieved them


(click each image to see individual descriptions)


I am so happy with how these samples turned out and gave me so many more ideas to work towards. I started to use the horse hair in different ways as can seen below:







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