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October 15, 2017

Welcome to my first 'proper' website & blog page.


Its still in the making so I will be editing bits here and there, my aim is to update this blog at least once a week. To fill you in with what i've been up to, show you my design processes and to just document all of the work I've been doing.


I've really been looking forward to doing this and so glad I can finally say i've gone for it!


I just want to thank everyone for their support and hope you enjoy reading all of my future posts :)

So I think for the first post it makes sense for me to just explain the project I am working on at the minute and fill you in with how far I have got with it.


If you have read my 'about me' page, or know me personally, you will know I am currently studying at University and in my second year of a 3D Design course; which I am thoroughly enjoying. The brief I am working on at the minute asks us to design an item that can be sold at the 'Wedgwood Museum.' Meaning I have done loads of research into the Wedgwood history, their current and past collections and also what inspired a lot of their work.


- I soon decided to take inspiration from the 18th Century collections; many focusing on Rome and Rococo


Images below show a few of my sketch book pages and mood boards





I've been spending a lot of time looking into the colosseum in Rome and taking a lot of inspiration from them; mainly looking at the textures and surfaces. I soon decided I wanted to just get into our workshops and play about with the materials; keeping textural surfaces in mind constantly. As not to bore you too much with a really long blog post (as I have done a lot of work since starting the project) I have pretty much been experimenting with pushing the boundaries of materials, mainly copper. I have been melting it, burning it and pretty much anything else I could possibly do with it; all in an attempt to get some interesting textures and surfaces- which is something I can most definitely say I have achieved. Whilst doing my samples i've always been trying to refer back to the colosseum inspiration; quite a lot of the time I did this by using the 'crimping' roller (I'm really not sure what it is called but I love it) to get the effect of columns. 





I soon developed a love for the combination of the textured copper and the unaltered copper, this is an idea I have tried to stick with throughout.


Moving on from these I started to play about with silver. With wedgwood being quite a premium brand I decided that silver would be a good addition to the samples. I started to play about with inlaying silver and spreading it across the surface of the copper. Not only this I also used to flux to create interesting surfaces.




Wedwood is most well known for its use of the colour blue, I knew I just had to incorporate this in some way! Enamelling was the obvious answer to add colour to the metal, which I did do later on, but I wanted to try something else; something I knew no one else was going to do. So I just went for it and ordered some ammonia. The images below show how the samples turned out. As well as ammonia I have experimented with household chemicals, vinegar, lemon juice and salt. 




I absolutely fell in love with the patinas, they really do look amazing. I will, at some point, make a blog post purely on these patinas- including the recipes and procedures that I followed to create them.


From here I wanted to start creating 'wearables' with them...


 Most recently I have created a few samples using pewter, a material I have never used before... and if i'm being honest, have always been too scared to use before. The idea of using moulds etc petrified me, especially as I am used to work so delicately- I didn't want to create bulky samples. However working with this material last week completely changed my preconceptions,  I discovered you really can make pewter as delicate as you want- it doesn't need to always be a big bulky lump of metal!




I am so happy with my samples just recently, every element of them just work so perfectly together. I particularly love the combination of the silver and blue.



So that is where I am up to at the minute (sorry for the long post, I have tried to summarise as much as possible). Hopefully this has given you a little insight into what I am working on and bought you up to date, so my future blog posts will make more sense. 


Thank you for reading this & heres to many more posts 



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